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Every trip Begins at dusk

What makes Focus Backcountry unique is the very first steps we take on the trail. Every trip begins at dusk. The idea of leaving the trailhead as the sun is beginning to set creates a strong pact between everyone on the trip. It builds confidence in each person, as well as the group as a whole. The first night of hiking truly helps you conquer your fears, and gives us all a connection and accomplishment far beyond backpacking.

Let’s Embark on an adventure

In order to develop a baseline of mutual trust and understanding, we begin in-person preparation before we hit the trails. We’ll cover what to pack, how to pack, and how to build a tent one-on-one with our guide, Jenn. This will lay the ground work to give you the utmost confidence and comfortable before you leave.

Let's make It happen.

$350 per person includes 2 nights; 3 Days

Are you new to backpacking? Always wondered what it would be like to spend a weekend in the mountains, but there’s something keeping you from making that first step. Or has it been awhile since you’ve been backpacking and just need that push to get you back on the trail? There are 3 things that usually prevent us from taking those steps: lack of knowledge, lack of gear, or lack of strength to hike with a pack on. At Focus Backcountry we create a complete package to help elevate those fears or concerns. And make it fun! For more information, email


Family of 4 $750 includes 1 night; 2 days Days

Car Camping. RV Camping. Building tents in the living room. Ever dreamed of taking the fam on a real backpacking trip, but just don’t know where to start? At Focus Backcountry we have handpicked trails that we perfect of the family. We find locations that are low mileage, low elevation gain, and full of history. We find ways to keep everyone entertained and leave your and family encouraged to take on a trip together. For more information on this kind if trip, reach out to


Starting at $350 per person includes 2 nights; 3 Days

Team building. Engagements. Bachelorettes. And Elopements. Looking for a new way to bring your favorite crew together? At Focus Backcountry we can build a weekend that best fits your schedule. Email to build a custom trip that is sure to blow your socks off!


Focus Backcountry provides once-in-a-lifetime backpacking trips to gain basic skills & confidence in traversing the outdoors. From building a tent and fire to reading a map and cooking in the backcountry. We provide a personalized experience to make any skill level comfortable. Through this experience, you will also increase your personal growth, determination, and tenacity.

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