How it Works

An adventure of a Lifetime

Imagine the feeling of standing on top of the world… climbing a mountain… conquering your fears… learning new skills you never thought possible. On a Focus Backcountry excursion, you will forge new friendships and fortify old ones. Providing an unforgettable experience is just the beginning. Whether you are brand new to backpacking or a seasoned hiker, each trip empowers and inspires you.

We guide your adventure from the moment you sign up to the moment you return back “to earth” by prioritizing your comfort and building your expertise.

We guide your experience from the moment you sign up to prioritize your comfort and build your confidence.

Packing Your Pack

Many of our participants are first-timers who do not own any backpacking equipment. Others are tourists who don’t have access to their personal gear. Some are backcountry veterans who come fully stocked. We’ll meet you at your level and secure proper gear, no matter what your experience. Our partners at Mountain Equipment Recyclers offer great prices for renting a pack and other gear you might need.

Focus Backcountry provides a complete packing list that will ensure comfort and efficiency for all trips. Once you retrieve all the items needed to stock up for your journey, we’ll host a pack check night for all participants prior to embarking. We’ll walk each person through efficient packing methods to ensure everyone has all the gear they need. We will also work together on setting up the tents, review maps, and discuss how to start a fire. If you are an out of town adventurer, a custom plan will be prepared for you.  After that, you will feel fully groomed to hit the trail.

We Leave At Dusk

The day of the trip, all attendees meet up for a local meal in Colorado Springs and then depart together. 

 We will arrive at the trailhead just before the sun sets to begin the evening hike. Before we take off we will do one last pack check, stretch, and make sure everyone’s packs fit comfortably. Then we begin the hike. 

Once the sun sets we light the way with headlamps and our LED string lights attached to our packs.  Night hiking is not only memorable, it keeps us out of the day’s heat while hiking uphill to our camping spot. We will set up camp once we arrive at our predetermined spot.

Embarking On the Journey

Day two of the trip varies slightly,  day hikes to nearby summits or if the weather is just right, we will enjoy a soak in the alpine lakes. At Focus Backcountry we pick locations that have a variety of options for the second day. The final day includes packing up camp and hiking down the mountain, which is easier and faster than hiking up for most people. Every day is packed with lot of fun, laughs, beautiful views, education on your surroundings, and general backpacking skills.

Safety First

Our guide, Jenn, is a Certified Wilderness First Responder, has three years of experience volunteering for El Paso County Search and Rescue, and is dedicated to your safety first and foremost.

Please let us know if you have allergies or dietary restrictions so that we can make proper adjustments.

People who have a fear of heights, restricted range of motion in their joints, heart problems, or serious medical conditions should consult their doctor before scheduling this excursion.

Custom Build Trips

There are multiple ways to enhance the experience. We are happy to discuss additional add-ons to make your experience unforgettable. Email

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